Lloyd’s Trivia and Interesting Facts

The first known reference to Edward Lloyd’s Coffee House in Tower Street London was in 1688. Edward Lloyd encouraged ships' captains, owners and merchants to visit his establishment. Lloyd's gained an enviable reputation for providing trustworthy shipping news and became recognised as the place for obtaining both information and marine insurance.

The First publication of Lloyd's List as a weekly journal of general commercial news and details of ships arriving at English and Irish ports was 1734.

The first reference to A1 at Lloyd’s was in 1775.

In 1858 at the underwriting room was hung a bell called Lutine. the bell would be struck when news of an overdue ship arrived – once for its loss, and twice for its safe return. This way, everyone knew the fate of the ship and the cargo they had insured at the same time.

The first Non- Marine policies were written by Cuthbert Heath in 1887.

The first Motor Policy was issued in 1904.

There have been 3 Lloyd’s Buildings in Lime Street the present one is Grade 1 Listed was designed by Richard Rogers is officially opened by HM The Queen in 1986.

Willis Faber & Co on behalf of the White Star Line insured the Titanic and her sister ship the Olympic for over £1m each approaching £95m today, the rate was 0.75% in Premium £7,500.

The name of the vessel which took down the message “England expects that every man will do his duty” at the Battle of Trafalgar was HMS Euryalus.