Up at the O2

On the 16th of April, the Fidentia team made their way to the O2 ready to challenge themselves physically and mentally to climb to the top and see the sights of London from above. Excitement, nervousness, coupled with a general sense of curiosity, there we stood at the foot of the arena ready to embrace the challenge ahead. Prior to the walk, we discovered the dome itself has 12 yellow spikes, one for each month of the year, is 52 metres tall, one metre for each week of the year and is 365 metres round, one metre for each day of the year. 

Waiting at the starting point was a daunting an exhilarating experience as a true reflection of the height of the dome doesn’t become apparent until it’s time to begin the ascent. During the climb some fears vanished and we were able to enjoy and fully appreciate the views as we progressed, exercising tremendous teamwork and spirit throughout. On reaching the summit there was an opportunity to take team pictures and celebrate our accomplishments; while below we could hear the excited screams of Shawn Mendes fans awaiting their concert. Having completed the descent to the North side of the arena we were able to reflect on a most successful and enjoyable Fidentia Team night out. Here’s to the next one!!!