Redcare Alarm

You may have heard in recent news that BT will be withdrawing their Redcare services from the market, effective from 1st August 2025. We also understand that if a contract with BT expires prior to the 2025 deadline, then it may not be renewed – We advise you to contact BT directly for full details.

The potential impact to private individuals and businesses insurance cover is significant as their insurance policy cover could be subject to a Redcare system being operational. These changes apply to both burglar and fire alarms.

It is important that the specification & signalling method delivered through Redcare is matched or exceeded on any alternative system.

It is therefore important that you speak to us when looking for an alternative system to ensure it meets the standards required by insurers prior to contracting with a provider.

Insurance approved and certified alarm transmission systems are categorised as either single path or dual path and will also be attributed a category, typically 1-4 for dual path systems. Any alternative to the Redcare GSM system would need to reflect a dual path transmission system meeting a minimum of category 3 (DP3). You should also look to deal with companies that are regulated by the National Security Inspectorate (NSI).

Whilst you may feel 1st August 2025 leaves you plenty of time to address the issue, you should act promptly as product shortages and delays in installation may occur as you move closer to the deadline.

So, if you are impacted by the withdrawal of BT Redcare and require guidance on sourcing a suitable replacement system, then please get in touch with us. With the support of our security partners, we can assist you in making sure that your security systems meet the requirements outlined within the terms of your insurance policy, so that your cover is unaffected moving forward.”

Fidentia Insurance Brokers Limited